Lazy Veggie Resources

Friends with Recipes

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen contains possibly the largest collection of vegan recipes on the web.  Recipes are generally whole foods-focused and low fat, if not 100% fat-free.

Post-Punk Kitchen‘s recipes are vegan and delicious, and maybe best for those times when the emphasis needs to be on “vegan” and not so much on “health.”

Vegan Wellness

Eat to Live is a program designed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman; it emphasizes choosing foods with high-nutrient density (HND) to achieve weight loss and excellent health.  Foods with HND include dark leafy greens, most other veggies, fruits, beans, whole grains, and nuts.

The Kind Life is a site created by Alicia Silverstone, actress and author of The Kind Diet.

Fitness and Tracking

My Fitness Pal is just about the best thing on the internet.  It allows you to track your food, exercise, and stats–for free!–and has the biggest database of food counts I’ve ever seen.

No Meat Athlete is geared toward the vegetarian runner.  Running is my favorite exercise and I’ve had quite an adventure figuring out how to fuel my runs with plants.


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