Tofu Scramble, Easy Like Sunday Morning

This post is part of Vegan MoFo, the Vegan Month of Food.  Enjoy, and visit other MoFo bloggers this month too!

I got a new cookbook!  This is big; I hadn’t gotten a new one since instituting an unofficial moratorium on cookbook purchases at least a year ago.  I get plenty as gifts for birthdays and holidays, and I love being the girl for whom a new vegan cookbook is always a great gift option.

Howevs, for this book–The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay S. Nixon–an exception was warranted, as it focuses on recipes that are both low-fat and easy.  Also, I discovered it on my quest to find a delicious scrambled tofu breakfast recipe, and it contains several totally manageable possibilities.  (Yes, I promise a full report when I get around to trying the infamous Black Bean Brownies.)

So far, I’ve made the fairly basic Tofu Scramble on page 18 of the book (also available on Lindsay’s site).  I followed the recipe closely and ended up with a dish that was seasoned just perfectly.  I did add sauteed onion, red pepper, and vegan sausage, but I prepared the tofu just like Lindsay recommends.  Because I was a big copycat here rather than my usual creative culinary genius, I’ll send you to the source to check it out, but here’s a little enticement from my kitchen:

Lazy Sunday morning breakfast

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