Frrrresh Frrrruit and Mr. Cutiepants

I babysat my nephew, Mr. Cutiepants, this morning while his mommy (my sister) went to a work meeting.  Man, is that kid cute.  Mr. C was pretty good for me–playing, clapping, smiling at the coffee shop lady–until about 5 minutes before Sister came back to relieve me.  This is Mr. Cutiepants’s M.O.–he loves to be a perfect angel when I’m babysitting so I’m all “Wow, I’d be a great mom” and “Sis and B-I-L and so lucky to have my awesome babysitting skills around,” then collapse into tears and fussiness JUST in time for his mom to see me desperately trying to calm her child who, for all she knows, was probably wailing in misery the whole time she was gone.  He’s got this thing down.

Anyway, by the time Sister finished work, I was starving.  I’m not used to having to leave the house in the morning these days, so I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.  Fortunately, I brought along some of the deliciousness I made yesterday, on which I feasted the second Mr. C took a chill pill.

The Deliciousness

I’m back to being a bit more strict with following Eat to Live, which means no snacking for at least a few weeks—it really helps me adhere to the program for some reason.  That means my meals have to be HEARTY, and one big salad just isn’t going to cut it for lunch.  I usually fill out my midday meal with fruit, but that sounded kind of boring yesterday, so I made the ultimate healthy indulgence—a fruit salad!

Ok, so the idea of fruit salad may not excite you.  For me, before I started really eating for health, it conjured up pictures of those gross little mixed fruit cups that kids get for school lunch and have weirdly peeled grapes in them (what was up with that?).  Now, howevs, a big fruit salad sets me to drooling.

Try this one out, or alter it to include your faves—mine includes nothing exotic or hard to find, and you might even have the ingredients in your refrigerator right now.

Cut the following into bite-sized (or slightly smaller) chunks:

1 banana

1 granny smith apple

½ lb. strawberries

1 big navel orange (peeled, then chunked—I do not remove any of the “skin” inside)

Mix together in a big bowl or Tupperware-type thing, cover and let sit in the refrigerator for an hour or more.  Give it a big stir and eat as is or throw on top of mixed baby lettuces.  YUM!

Note that you can alter any of the amounts/ratios or add virtually any sweet fruit you’d like.  I like adding chopped walnuts or not-too-ripe avocado, but I’m avoiding excess fats right now, so I kept it simple.

Today (my fruit salad’s Day 2), the bananas had become little mushballs, which, though still delicious, could have been avoided by using a slightly less ripe banana when making the salad.  In almost any other recipe/meal, I recommend using/eating the ripest banana you can stand, but I’d use a just-barely-ripe one for this salad if possible.

Hmm…Maybe Mr. C was crying because my bananas looked like baby food.  Yum!


2 responses to “Frrrresh Frrrruit and Mr. Cutiepants

  1. Mr. Cutiepants, indeed…

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