Eating in Seattle

Well, you can’t spell Seattle without the e-a-t.  Heh.  Last weekend, Wife and I headed to the Emerald City o’ the North to meet up with her brother and his wonderful family.  We had a great time with them (including our adorable east coast nephew) and ate our way through the city.  I managed to keep things as vegan as possible, despite some decidedly non-vegan-friendly restaurant choices.

The food highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly our Friday night dinner at Steelhead Diner, a cool little busy restaurant near Pike’s Place Market.  Our waiter, Ben, made the visit a total delight, and spent at least 30 solid minutes talking wine with my in-laws over the course of the evening, which they loved.  Ben is leaving the Steelhead in just a week to cook full time for Matt’s in the Market–boohoo for the Steelhead, yippee for Matt’s!  Ben will one day be a famous restaurateur-slash-chef and his cute bald head could totally hang on the Food Network.

Here’s a pic of the most beautiful part of Steelhead’s menu:

Pan roasted broccoli may not sound that exciting, but HOLY CRAP it was good.  I plan on trying to replicate it when I’m off my death bed (more on that later).  We ordered it as an appetizer and ordered a second batch when we were just halfway through the first one.  AMAZING.  It was hard to get my phone out and take a good picture while fighting off three hungry omnivores for a shot at the last floret.  In other words, I failed to take a photo because I was stuffing my face (which is maybe a theme for me?).

I did slow down long enough to take a picture of my entree, a modified version of their roasted asparagus pasta–they had run out of gnocchi, I had them hold the cheese–which was very tasty.

Saturday morning brought a breakfast outing with the in-laws and their friends to Peso’s Kitchen.  Peso’s is famous for amazing breakfast dishes, not one of them vegan.  Howevs, we ended up with a sympathetic waitress who hooked me up with a huge plate of fruit:

…which I ate with a side of potatoes and a biscuit (which was probably not vegan, but had to be taste-tested).

All in all, it was a fun foodie weekend with some awesome family members, who always remind me how lucky I am to have married their sister.  Unfortch, Wife came down with The Plague on Friday and we had to head home Saturday, a day ahead of schedule.  I proceeded to get The Plague, and this is the first time since then that I’ve felt well enough to open my computer.

Anyway, that is my sad excuse for not posting about any cooking adventures this week.  I promise to remedy that soon!  I hope to be up and about the kitchen within 48 hours, maybe even attempting to replicate that amazing broccoli.  I will dedicate it to Ben (and feed it to my face).


4 responses to “Eating in Seattle

  1. Once you perfect/duplicate that amazing broccoli dish, please share! I bought marcona almonds at PCC and I am ready to eat!!! Miss u! Feel better.

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