Date Night for Vegans

Last night was date night!  Wife took me out to dinner, drinks, and a GREAT production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at Portland Center Stage (see it, locals!).  It was a delightful evening all around, and the kind of night that reminds me how awesome and flexible and adventurous my omnivorous wife is.

While, of course, the company was the highlight of the evening, I had to share the food-related stuff with you.

Wife and I went to Hungry Tiger Too, a very vegan-friendly restaurant and bar here in SE Portland.  I had been there for late-night vegan corndogs (ssshhhh), but had never eaten an actual meal from their menu.  My brilliant meat-eating wife gets the credit for remembering we’d been wanting to try it, and I’m so glad she did!

Now, you know I’m all about eating whole foods–salads topped with beans, green smoothies, etc.–but there is something really nice about being able to go to a restaurant and order a “normal” meal without having to ask for a billion modifications to remove the animal products.  Wife and I shared vegan corndogs, hummus, and nachos–yes, nachos!

Well, they said it couldn’t happen.  I found a vegan cheese sauce I like–nay, I LOVE.  It was the perfect blend of spices, had a nice non-gummy texture, and even looked like real cheese.  Wife even went to town on these nachos, and she could have ordered herself the real deal.  While I wouldn’t eat like this normally (see my 3 S strategy), I was freakin’ thrilled to find this stuff.  Check it:

(photo courtesy of – I forgot to take a picture because I was busy stuffing my face)

I did take a picture of the corndog, but it looks so “real” that it might gross me out to look at it in the glaring light of Monday morning.

Fortunately, my pre-nacho day consisted of my tahini-garbanzo salad and a baked potato.  Do as I do in the morning, not as I do at night after a whiskey on the rocks.


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