I love salads.  Before you go away thinking I’m one of those annoying “oh my god I can’t wait to exercise and eat salad and be perfect oh and btw I’m sooo skinny” people, I should clarify — I love that salad can save me from a not-so-perfect day of eating.  Yesterday, for example, I had my smoothie for breakfast and a salad (recipe below) for lunch.  By evening, my ladyproblems had kicked up to make me crave some serious bread and hummus, and I indulged.  A bunch.

Had this been a non-salad lunch day, I’d be feeling pretty guilty about the slip-up (which, I know, is not that bad–hummus and bread is not pizza and french fries–but it’s not what I was hoping for).  Howevs, the salad saved me–I thought “hey, I’ve had a pretty healthful day of eating” despite the hummus binge.  That’s why I love salads.  They save me from the ugly cycle of PMS = carbs + salt = guilt.

Also, I genuinely love the taste of my new fave salad.  The flavor is strong, and it seems like a creamy, decadent dressing, but it’s vegan and delightfully good for you.  Here are the deets:

Garbanzo Tahini Salad

Several cups Mixed greens/Spring mix/Baby lettuce mix

1/2 can Garbanzo beans

1/2 to 1 tablespoon Tahini + equal part water

Lemon juice to taste

Crushed garlic/garlic paste to taste

Salt, Cumin, etc. to taste

1. Throw a bunch (1/2 – 3/4 of a regular bag) of greens in a big bowl.

2. Throw garbanzos on top.

3. In a cup or small bowl, combine all the remaining ingredients and either whip with a fork or use an immersion blender to mix until smooth and creamy.  Add more water or lemon juice if too thick–you want it to be pretty liquid.  Add spices until you like the taste; I found I needed more salt than I started with the first time I made this.

4. Pour dressing over the greens/beans and toss together.  If the dressing is overwhelming, add more greens and re-toss.



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