Take-Out for the Lazy Lawyer

I was away from the house all day today, almost like I was a grown-up with a job.  In reality, I was not working but learning–sitting through a mostly boring 7 hours of “continuing legal education” aimed at training me to provide pro bono representation to people who need to file bankruptcy.

Because I’m used to being home most of the day, with plenty of time to pick out recipes and cook, I felt a bit lost when it came time to think about tonight’s dinner.  As such (that’s me being lawyer-y), I rolled with take-out.

What does a high-nutrient-style vegan eat for take-out, you ask?  Answer: it depends (which, as we were taught on the first day of law school, is the answer to basically everything)–in this case, on whether said vegan is majorly PMS-ing.  This one is, so dinner was a rice-and-beans-and-veggies bowl with a side of corn tortillas, plus a nice pile of decidedly non-high-nutrient tortilla chips.  Sigh.  Worth it.

If you’re in Portland, copy me by ordering the Bryan’s Bowl with veggies and no dairy at Por Que No.  If you’re far away, throw some brown rice, black or pinto beans, and sauteed veggies (zucchini, mushrooms, peppers) in a bowl and top it with salsa and guac.  Yumsville.

Not exactly Eat to Live compliant, but pretty nutritious and very delicious.


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