You Say Pizza, I Say Potata

My lovely wife got a promotion and a big fatty raise–sweet!  That means she’s getting a delicious, who-cares-about-calories dinner tonight, courtesy of moi. There’s pizza involved.  With cheese.  Followed by cheesecake.  With cheese.

I, however, did not get a promotion and a fatty raise (well, I got a raise in fatty, but that’s different).  In fact, in case you haven’t heard the news, I don’t even have a job.  No pizza for me.

Lest you think I am punishing myself with a cheeseless life because of some failure, I should note that I think I am extremely lucky to be able to eat loads and tons of fresh veggies every day, and even luckier to enjoy eating said veggies.  So, even though I will be drooling over Wife’s plate at dinnertime tonight, I will be happy with my li’l baked potato and sides.

On MY menu:

Baked Potato, topped with whatever sounds good at dinnertime–salsa and guac, spinach hummus, sauteed veggies

Brussels Sprouts

Beets (thanks, sister’s CSA box and bro-in-law who hates beets!)

The potato deets are below–I’ll write up my genius brussels and beets approaches soon!

The Perfect Baked Potato

1. Preheat oven to 350-375 (mine runs hot, so I go low), but it doesn’t matter if the oven is totally heated or not.

2. Scrub a big russet potato

3. Rub said potato with (in order): 1 tsp olive oil, a bunch o’ salt, a bunch o’ pepper, a glop of crushed garlic.  I buy jars of crushed and minced garlic, which are super easy:

4. Puncture the potato several times with a fork. It’s been a naughty potato.

5. Place potato, just as it is, directly on the middle rack of the oven.  You can throw down a bit of foil or a pan on the rack below for drippings.

6. Stop making yourself feel better by noticing how dirty my oven is.

7. Leave it in the oven for a while.  How long depends on the size of the potato, but you’re looking at 45-60 minutes, probably.  I’d start checking a smaller potato after 35 minutes or so, and keep checking every 10-15 minutes by sticking a fork in it. (So, that’s where that comes from!)  It’s done when it’s soft enough that you feel like eating it.

8. Split that thing open and slather on whatever sounds good.  I like salsa if I’m going fat-free, but other yummy things include black beans, a random soup or chili, other veggies, tofu sour cream, etc.



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